Established since 1992, we work in the manufacturing

of soft and hard cover notebooks, agendas and binders

with a very strong commitment to creativity, quality and customer service.

We are mainly focused in the creation of value for our

customers, therefore we give the necessary advice in

the development of a product that satisfies its needs,

achiving the expected success of the company`s promotional promotional campaign, which gives as a result the continuity of business and good references.

We are aware of the main role of distributors, so we represent a profitable business for them.

* Notebooks and binders are the

best promotional product, because

their utility, many applications,

long durability and large imprint area. Use them to make expand

your corporate image, sales

or school promotions.

* Our binders are excellent to be used as catalogs, training,

conventions, or just to file important documents

* Please ask for additional features available,such as special

imprints and packaging to get more

value to your final product.

hard cover junior notebook is one of our most sold items, because its multiple applications, accessible price and ideal size and shape.

Their turned edge full color hard covers makes it a great media with a high perceived value and a very long life.

Each page has your design, so your brand will have a daily exposure.

Our junior binder is very useful and

and versatile.

You can choose the 100 sheets

one or just the binder;

Use full color graphics and pictures

to make it more attractive.

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